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Nectarios Livisianos is a Sydney born and based abstract expressionist painter who uses vibrant colours to create different moods in his works. A vivid colour palette delivers a sense of cheerfulness, moodiness and a little tongue in cheek humour to his audience.


His Greek heritage inspired a quest into his ancestral home Greece where he resided for many years. He studied, worked and exhibited on the island of Rhodes and developed a technique of using fast, thick impasto brush strokes on canvas and softly blending pastels in bright and muted shades on paper, often using his hands to connect with the art. He studied Landscape Fundamentals at the National Art School and experiments with new techniques and subject matters. 

His observation of current events is the catalyst for the conception of the varied series of works. The artist's statement is "Included in my paintings are diverse imperfections, scratches and cracks, drips and strokes, layering and drawings, bent realities and truths, long palette knife declarations and ultimately, conversations with my self that within a body of work constitutes a perfect certitude". 




Besara, Rhodes, Greece "Abscape" August, 2006 Solo

The Walk Inn, Rhodes, Greece, "Humberto's Return" June, 2007 Solo

The Walk Inn, Rhodes, Greece, "Love, Oil, Crisis" October, 2008 Group

Sissitio Fine Arts Centre, Rhodes, Greece, "Collection" March, 2009 Solo

Boheme Art Centre, Rhodes, Greece, "Flirting with Cubism" November, 2011 Solo


Gallery 307, Northbridge, "Transitions" June, 2016 Group

Kave Bar, Newport, "Elements" June, 2017 Solo 

The Corner Gallery, Stanmore "New Whimsical Works" February, 2021 Solo

Luna Gallery, Newtown, "P.U.F.S." April, 2021 Solo

Recycletastic, Enmore, "Serenity of Stripes" December, 2021 Group

Hopsters, Enmore, "Spirit of Now" December, 2021 Group

Beachwood, Avalon, "Wave Upon Wave I" March, 2022 Group

ArticulateUpstairs, Leichhardt, "The Lost Abstractions of Atlantis" September, 2022 Solo

The Space Gallery, Rosebery,"Abstracticus" November, 2022 Group 

The Corner Gallery, Stanmore, "Anatomy of Stanmore" January, 2023 Solo

Beachwood, Avalon, "Midnight Blues 1&2" January, 2023 Group

Tiliqua Tiliqua, Enmore, "Subscribe Now" March, 2023 Solo

Tiliqua Tiliqua, Enmore, "Cyan" "Modern Day Thinker" April, 2023 Group

Mona Vale Creative Space Gallery, Mona Vale, "Atlantis Returns" May 2023 Solo

Tiliqua Tiliqua, Enmore, "one door closes..." "Hellenes" June 2023 Group

Abbotsford Convent, Industrial School, Pastel Raum "WHAT DOES SAFE AND/OR COSY SPACE LOOK/FEEL/SOUND/SMELL LIKE?"  August 2023 Group

The Community Gallery, Gosford, Mental Health Art Works! Exhibition, "Modern Day Thinker" Oct 2023 Group

Tiliqua Tiliqua, Enmore, "Abstracticus" October 2023 Solo

Gallery 551, Newtown, "EXHIBITION V" "Dreamings" November 2023 Group

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